EIP is an engineering and project development expert in the field of innovative power conversion solutions that integrate alternative resources. Our solutions deliver reliable electric power for the most demanding and remote off-grid applications and diverse industrial applications.

We present a realistic and comprehensive view of the development pathway to the ownership team to manage expectations. Our proven ability to internally manage the full spectrum of project development activities, from technical writing to community outreach and to governmental affairs, allows us to create an efficient and executable project plan that brings the appropriate level of expertise into the project with the right amount of environmental consciousness approach.


FIG is one of the leading solar power companies in the kingdom providing solar power installation. We have become a trusted company through a simple business ethos: buy high quality solar products in bulk directly from manufacturers and pass these savings on to customers for the guaranteed lowest price.

This mantra ensures the quickest return on investment for our customers and has proved to be an extremely popular formula.


Mapping national renewable energy (RE) resources is a crucial step in expanding investment into clean energy, by providing governments with the information necessary to strategically guide commercial development, established pricing incentives, and take account of environmental and social constraints. In response to high demand from World Bank client countries, FIG has launched a major initiative to provide country-level RE resource mapping for biomass, small hydro, solar and wind.


FIG brings a specialist combination of expertise and abilities tolight-construction, maintenance, installation and decommissioning projects. The company provides experienced project-management teams and integrates its skills with products and services providing for a customized solutions and the flexibility to select the most suitable assets and installation methodology ensuring a safe and cost effective offshore solution.


Our electrical and automation services include upgrade and retrofit solutions to improve the performance, extend the life and minimize the obsolescence risk of your existing assets. Our services also include everyday service, maintenance and repairs of electrification and automation systems.

We acknowledge that low operational costs and optimal lifecycle management are key to our customers' success. With a comprehensive offering of marine systems and energy solutions that meet high safety and environmental requirements, FIG delivers reliability, power and productivity to customers throughout the kingdom.

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