FAHAD International Group is esteemed as a company with distinct strengths. While this reputation is the product of many years' work, anything careless, improper actions of any member can damage its image effectively. With the aim of prevention, FIG regularly checks and requires that all employees be guided in their activities by reasoned principles, particularly those set forth within its Corporate Compliance Policy. It refers to as the lawful and proper conduct of the company's business. All employee is obligated to obey all applicable laws and corporate guidelines during tenure in the group.

Individual employees who violate the principles of this Corporate Compliance Policy will face serious consequences, such as fines or imprisonment, claims for damages, sanctions under labor law and possible termination of employment. Employees who disobey the rules cannot claim to have been acting in the group's interests, because any compliance violation ultimately harms the group. In view of the possible consequences, any advantage somebody purports to have gained in a specific situation can never, not even economically, be advantageous to the group as a whole.

FIG desires to succeed in the competitive arena by being innovative, quality-driven, reliable and fair. It believes that the only way to close a deal is by acting in a way that is legal and ethical. By systematically implementing this Corporate Compliance Policy, we show the clients, our partners, competitors, and the authorities that compliance is an integral part of our corporate culture.