FIG provides a broad range of turret systems and weapon station solutions from electric gun turret drive systems for a gun system to a cannon as well as light, medium, and heavy machine guns. This multiple weapon options with in-theater user reconfigurability to ensure overmatch in every combat situation are available and configurable to suit all and different kinds of needs.

We can handle the requirements of any well-armed, highly mobile, universally deployable vehicles with armored turret ensuring maximum survivability in any combat-prone environment. The flexibility and easy-to-integrate turret systems and weapon stations we can provide can boost combat effectiveness, enabling friendly forces to respond to aggression with massive firepower from the safety of an armoured fighting compartment.



Service personnel face an ever-evolving battle environment and must react instantly to the demands of every situation. FIG can effectively provide critical solutions in weapon mounts, capable of responding to all threats - whatever form they may take. The operator benefits from a fully stabilized, remotely operated weapon/s and sensor system which provides cutting edge performance irrespective of the environment.

Weapon stations, operated under armor protection, are nowadays part of the standard equipment from light escort vehicles up to heavy combat vehicles. Thus, FIG has designed for use on all types of military platforms including vehicles, vessels and static emplacements.

We can produce vast array of weapon stations to integrate on to a wide range of platforms and with complimentary equipment, thereby enabling a customer to decide on the level of desired integration: from a complete standalone solution to a fully integrated, network sub-system.


FIG's turret is a modern system fully controlled from a remote station via an advanced control console that allows the gunner to operate from a protected position within the ship's or headquarters structure: any operation, including loading and re-cocking, can be undertaken with maximum safety for the operator.

The concept is modular, turret systems from FIG offer excellent crew protection. A combination of modular architecture, ease of integration and flexible armament means that they can be mounted onto practically any platform, and used in a huge variety of operational scenarios.

Low weight and high level of flexibility make this turret particularly suitable for installation as main armament of any small patrol vessel engaged in border control, maritime traffic interdiction or as a secondary armament on larger ships for self-protection in the anti-terrorism role. The turret is electrically operated and very accurate due to powerful digital servos.

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