With a broad range of integrated mechanical, power and avionics systems, FIG Aviations Systems business is bringing the future of flight to todays military and civil aircraft. From populsion systems that create unprecedented engine energy efficiencies to advanced flight management systems that enhance the capacity of the skies, to airport operations and security, we provide the most advanced technologies critical to superior aircraft and airport performance and is poised to take aviation to the next level.


The avionics systems you invest in today must be able to support the Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) of the future. They must possess the processing power, speed, memory and interface capabilities to meet the growing demands of the world's need for sound flight management system.

FIG Benefits

  • Improved Safety with Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS)
  • Precision-Area Navigation with RNP, RNAV & LPV
  • Accurate Positioning with ADS-B Out - Compatible Transponders
  • Future Air Navigation System (FANS) Capability


Fahad International Group is a provider of security services to airports and the aviation industry. Equipment and services include the provision of consultancy and strategic development and the use of integrated technologies, through to complete Build Operate and Transfer long term concession agreements or partial facility management such as Build Maintain and Train long term concession agreements.

The program provides manned services include search and screening together with the provision of surveillance and detection equipment through to Immigration services, advanced passenger information profiling, and asset protection.

FIG can tailor our various unique innovative programs and solutions to assist airport operators in bringing the security within their airports up to and maintaining them to recognized international standards.

We will work with the airport authorities and state organizations to enhance airport security by providing all the required investment and expertise to bring the country's airport security up to international standards and maintain those standards for the duration of the contract.