FIG's offers of ballistic composite materials are used in a wide variety of armor applications, including military and law enforcement vests, helmets and vehicle armor. We develop innovative solutions to drive weight reductions in armor systems, enabling military and law enforcement personnel to be more effective in extreme situations. Our materials are designed with improved survivability and mission completion in mind.

Our ballistic composite materials are used in a variety of soft and hard body armor applications for police, military and VIPs, including:

  • Concealable and tactical vests
  • Breast plates
  • Protective outer garments (POGs)
  • Protective outer garments (POGs)

Our materials are also used in hand shields and bomb blankets.

The lightweight, high-strength materials offer many benefits:

  • Pistol and rifle threat protection
  • Fragmentation protection
  • Backface reduction
  • Comfort and flexibility
  • Little to no moisture absorption
  • Improved survivability for mission completion
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