FIC follows a systematic approach to training development and our clients participates in the process. The result is that we offer unique solutions based upon specific training or operational requirements.

We always strive to be the leader in the industry by presenting the most intensive, realistic and practical training. We extensively use simulation to create real scenarios and trainee are ultimately tested in real life field training exercises.

Our training package includes international standard documentation, which include curriculums, manuals, learner and facilitator guides.

FIG is particularly strong in developing Special Operations capabilities. This includes:

1. Training of Special Forces operators in the following skills:

  • Weapons
  • Rural and Urban Tactics
  • Explosives and Demolition
  • Combat Medical
  • Communication
  • Close Combat

2. Advanced airborne infiltration techniques and skills:

  • Free-fall Parachuting HAHO/HALO and TANDEM skills
  • Clandestine Air Operations
  • Helicopter Insertion and Extraction
  • Parachute Instructors
  • Parachute Riggers
  • Dispatchers

3. Advanced Landward Operations, Techniques and Skills:

  • Long Range Vehicle Operations
  • Specialized Reconnaissance
  • Operations in Mountainous Terrain
  • Escape and Evasion
  • Indirect and Forward Air Fire Control

4. Counter-Terrorism Training:

  • CQB Training
  • Hostage Release Techniques
  • Direct Action Assaults and Snatch Operations
  • Counter Insurgency Operations in Rural and Build-up Areas
  • Close Protections of VIP's
  • Breaching Techniques

5. Seaborne Operations:

  • Combat Swimming
  • Fast Interceptor Boat Pilots
  • Counter-terrorism and Anti-piracy
  • Combat Divers
  • Underwater Explosives, EOD and mines

6. Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence:

  • Analyzing of geographical and meteorological information
  • Aerial photo interpretation
  • Collecting, assessing and dissemination of tactical information • Counter-intelligence threats and counter-measures
  • UAV pilots

FIC extends its training services to Emergency management, safety and security fields:

1. FIC also provide training in Emergency Situation Management and recovery techniques and skills such as:

  • Firefighting Onboard Aircraft
  • Firefighting and other Emergencies Onboard Ships
  • Helicopter Dunking, Escape and Recovery
  • Search and Rescue Operation at Sea and Over Land

2. FIC provide training in safety and security such as:

  • Safeguard Premises, Assets, Information and Personnel
  • Weapon Handling
  • Operate Security Equipment
  • Advance Driving Skills
  • Risk Analysis

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