The proper gear you need is easy at FIG. We carry a vast collection of military-issue uniforms, gears, ammunitions and security soft and hardware. But our inventory of military-grade technical doesn't end there. We offer a wide variety of military accessories that is the standard issue supply in many armed forces around the globe.

  • Personal soldier equipment including body armor and helmets.
  • Communication equipment
  • Day and night observation systems
  • Command, control and situational awareness systems
  • Range of parachute equipment
  • Commercial and military armor personnel carriers
  • Inflatable, RHIB and rigid hull fast interceptor boats
  • Diving equipment systems
  • Special personal arms and ammunitions
  • Remanufactured vehicle parts and components
  • Mobile compound and field hospitals
  • Explosive ordnance disposal equipment

For us, our customers have been our top priority since day one, which is why we are dedicated to offering nothing but the best brands and most dependable military products. The army and military equipment we supply are economical, durable, and long lasting - even after years of repeat wear, tear, and usage.

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