The FIG's Future Infantry program covers the development of all areas of technology for the dismounted infantry soldier and emphasizes the integration of systems.

The program will provide the soldier with improved situational awareness, lethality and survivability.

The systems will be assessed on a measure of improved capability and on soldier friendliness with ease and comfort of operation. The five main areas of capability are identified as C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence), lethality (weapons and sights), mobility (navigation, size and weight of equipment), survivability (clothing, stealth, body armor) and sustainability (logistical considerations).

It is not envisaged that each infantry soldier will be issued with a complete system. The unit commander will specify the actual systems tailored to the operational and mission requirements.

  • Communications systems
  • Armored transport vehicles
  • Command vehicles
  • Reconnaissance vehicles
  • Combat vehicles
  • Sensors and optics
  • Weapon systems
  • Ammunition
  • Pyrotechnic product
  • Training systems

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