FIG understands that today's military and law enforcement personnel must engage in real-worldtraining to succeed on the field, while maintaining their own safety. That's why we're the only training systems company in the industry to deliver both simulation training systems, combined with live-fire indoor and outdoor shooting range solutions. Military and security forces today cannot simply rely on fixed firing lines and paper targets to deal with active shooter threats, ambush-style attacks and lone-wolf style terrorist attacks.

As the leader in the simulation training field for decades, FIG develops, manufactures, installs and supports marksmanship and judgmental use-of-force training systems for law enforcement, paramilitary and security agencies worldwide. We specialize in integrating hardware and software products into realistic police training systems for:

  • Marksmanship
  • Judgmental, use of force skills
  • Shoot/don't shoot skills
  • Less than lethal force options
  • Low light/no light situations
  • Cover and concealment
  • Proper interaction and verbal commands
Indoor and outdoor shooting range equipment

FIG has been an industry leader in live-fire training solutions, fielding over 13,000 ranges worldwide. FIG develops, manufactures, installs and supports shooting range target and control systems for domestic and international law enforcement, paramilitary and security forces.

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